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Chaos and Pain’s new line PWNED, first gamer’s supplement to be titled Aggro

Chaos and Pain reveal their new gaming line Pwned and it's first product Aggro

We had heard about Chaos and Pain looking into doing a gaming supplement some time ago, however we didn’t quite know how far along they were. To be honest in less than a year the brand have gone from two products to almost ten with sequels, minor reformulations and even a new series. So it should really come as no surprise that Chaos and Pain are already well on their way to a third line. Today the brand have revealed the name of what is actually going to be a full gamer’s range, appropriately titled PWNED. At the moment only one supplement has been confirmed for the series, an undetailed formula called Aggro. While nothing has been said about the product, if Chaos and Pain use the usual strategy it should see them aim for the most obvious category first, then branch out. Whether that means energy, focus, alertness, or all three in one, we’ll have to wait and see. Whatever it is you know it’s going to be effective, well dosed, and bring Chaos and Pain’s transparent philosophy.

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