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Cannibal Permaswole the impossible pump pre-workout, Chaos and Pain’s pump formula raises the bar

Review of Chaos and Pain's impossible pump pre-workout Cannibal Permaswole

Back when Chaos and Pain launched Cannibal Swole earlier in the year, we actually got a tub fo the supplement in for review. Seeing as we had and still do have quite the queue of products in line to try out, by the time we got around to it the brand were already on to it’s sequel. It was due to that we put the review on hold and waited to get our hands on the reformulation Cannibal Permaswole. Right out of the gate the supplement performed a whole lot better than the original, reassuring us that we made the right decision to wait for the updated version. Now technically after about half a year we bring you our review of Chaos and Pain’s pump product, that we can only best describe as the impossible pump pre-workout.

With the modern pump category being a very individual area, as it is basically a spin off of the pre-workout market. There isn’t a giant variety of experiences out there, as most mainly target and deliver a strong dose of fullness and as you’d expect, pump. The major difference between them all like with most categories of supplements, is each formula’s level of effectiveness. We have come across one or two pump pre-workouts that feature a little bit extra with deep mind to muscle connection, and more sensational pumps. But it is the general fullness and pump that always drives and dominates these types of products. In the case of Chaos and Pain’s Cannibal Permaswole, as mentioned above it is best described as an impossible pump pre-workout. Some pump supplements or more so mainstream pre-workouts, can sometimes leave you wondering after your workout whether or not you really needed them. Permaswole is one of those rare few that does the complete opposite, working so incredibly well you flat out know you could never achieve the level of pump it has to offer without it.

In the beginning Chaos and Pain’s sequel product takes effect and essentially works like any other pump pre-workout. Once you’re through your basic warm up exercises, and move into some contraction focused movements or sets, Permaswole will slowly start to pump you up. As you move forward, around the time you’d expect the supplement to be at it’s best, it is indeed right up there with a pump about as intense as you’d get from any of it’s competitors. Permaswole fills you out with ease quickly getting you to that point where you’re not doing half reps, it’s just that your muscles are so pumped you can’t perform full range of motion. You’ll feel like your curls are going the whole way, although due to your bloated biceps you’re actually only just making it past half way. Chest, back, legs, regardless of what you’re training, Permaswole will have your major muscle group or targeted area pumped.

It’s around this time, where the product seems like it’s at it’s best that things can go a little bit further. In our minds when we hit this mark, we didn’t expect much more. The question of course being, why would you as Permaswole had already delivered on it’s promise of providing an unforgettable pump. If however you move on and take your workout that bit further, you’ll find the supplement has another gear. This isn’t something we found happened on bigger muscle group days, where workouts ended with exercises similar to what they started with such as chest, back or legs. It was only really in sessions that didn’t matter too much about what they started with, just that they finished on smaller muscles such as biceps, triceps, and sometimes shoulders. It’s here where Permaswole essentially blows the muscles up beyond anything you’ve ever seen or felt before. Our best example would be in a tricep ended workout, where one of our reviewer’s three (tricep) heads could no longer be seen or even touched separately. As creepy as that sounds the product made it feel and look like all three triceps had merged. It was really the visual that confirmed the power of Permaswole, as well as the fact that simple movements with so much pump when not performing any exercises, felt like a full blown stretch.

All in all we have to say we are blown away. It’s almost everyday that we get companies saying their supplement is far better than it’s competitors. We can probably count on about one hand the amount of brands that actually come through on that claim. Chaos and Pain is now one of those few, with Cannibal Permaswole really blowing all others out of the water. While the pump pre-workout didn’t offer anything different in terms of range of effects, it has taken the bar way up in terms of what a pump product can do. It’s real climax may have only been felt on the odd occasion, but even when it wasn’t at that level it did some real damage with major muscle groups, putting most of it’s competitors to shame. Even with our in depth description, we may have described Permaswole best in the beginning, as the supplement does indeed have a pump that is impossible to achieve on your own.

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