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Make some noise for Dedicated Nutrition, go in the draw to win our new #1 Unstoppable

Go in the draw to win our new number one pre-workout Dedicated Unstoppable

While we all wait for Dedicated Nutrition to make their move on the US, as well as other countries around the world. Today as promised we have a giveaway of the supplement, that last week we gave our number one pre-workout spot to. In total we have five tubs of Unstoppable up for grabs, with one being thrown out each day this week. To get yourself in the draw we need you to make as much noise as possible on social media. We will have a competition post every day on both Facebook and Twitter, where you need to complete all the steps listed in that post. Once you’ve done everything you need to do, keep an eye on your news feed or any of our social media pages the following day for the winner announcement. The Dedicated Unstoppable contest is only open to those located in the US, and as a side note the prizes will be shipping from way outside the country. We bring this up as your product is not going to arrive overnight or as quick as you might expect. It will take some time, anywhere from a week to a month or more.

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