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Dedicated Nutrition takes the #1 spot, Unstoppable dethrones ANS Ritual after a year & a half

Dedicated Nutrition Unstoppable takes the number one spot from ANS Ritual

This decision is not something we come to straight away. It took us several samples and workouts going back and forth, to come to this conclusion. In our review of Dedicated Nutrition’s Unstoppable we tried to describe the supplement as one of the best all rounders we had ever come across. For those that enjoy our current number one Ritual, it is very much the same thing. Like the popular ANS pre-workout Unstoppable doesn’t deliver energy, pump, intensity and focus at incredible amounts, but all at above average levels that together make it an unforgettable experience. As for the position Dedicated’s product has stolen, it is indeed the number one spot. We have taken advantage of the power of Ritual over the last year and a half, appreciating every second of it’s awesome abilities. Unstoppable however does take it to the next level with it’s ranking hopefully reinforcing just how good the pre-workout is, and confirming it from our perspective as the best in the world. To check out all the damage Unstoppable has done, and see what four supplements have kept their spots visit our rankings page.

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