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Guess the placing it will take and win, Dedicated Unstoppable prize packs up for grabs

Guess where Dedicated's Unstoppable will land and win

Yesterday after weeks and weeks of testing out Dedicated Nutrition’s pre-workout Unstoppable, we finally put together our review of the extremely impressive product. In case you missed it, we basically confirmed the supplement as a top of the line all-rounder, highlighting it’s incredible energy and intensity, pinch of focus and unbeatable pump. The combination makes Unstoppable one of the best pre-workouts we’ve ever come across, so of course it’s going into our top ten. The big question however is where is it going to place on our already packed out list. While we aren’t unfortunately going to be doing any shuffling around until sometime next week, we are taking guesses as to where you think the product will land in the top ten. You can submit your one guess on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ by simply commenting or replying on our page post. The first three people to guess it’s position correctly will win an Unstoppable prize pack, featuring samples of the pre-workout and possibly other goodies. We will confirm the winners next week when we move the Dedicated supplement into our top 10, as well as do a few more giveaways.

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