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Unstoppable performs exactly as it’s titled, Dedicated pre-workout one of the best ever

dedicated unstoppable review

Every now and then a supplement comes along that performs a whole lot better than expected. We’ve seen it before on a number of occasions, which is why these days we never judge a book by it’s cover. You can always gauge whether or not it’s a good investment, but only after you use the product will you know how good or bad it really is. The supplement we’re talking about this time around is Dedicated Nutrition’s pre-workout Unstoppable. It is a European sold product produced in Canada, and at the moment not available in the US. While it was a mission to get our hands on enough of the supplement to gather a fair amount of feedback. We have finally finished our tub of Unstoppable giving us a lot more experience than necessary to bring you today’s extremely exciting review.

The strangest thing is when we got our few samples of Dedicated’s Unstoppable we kind of put them at the back of the line. On the odd occasion we did think about putting them to the test, but felt like there were more important products that needed to be reviewed. It wasn’t until a day where we kind of run out of interesting formulas, that we thought we’d give the not so panel impressive Unstoppable a go. Given that the fist sample was used after a number of consecutive days on pre-workouts, not taking a week or two off like we usually do. We were going with the theory that if Unstoppable was worthwhile it would still give a good kick. Ten minutes into the workout we soon realized that what we had in our hands was no joke and that we had in fact stumbled across one of the best pre-workouts ever.

Like with a lot of good energizing supplements, it’s Unstoppable’s energy that kicks in first bringing on a very calm level of the always enjoyable effect. It doesn’t hit you like a truck or get you out of your chair, it’s the perfect level to get you going and give the body exactly what it needs. We like to say a calm amount as compared to what else is out there, we feel that best describes just the right amount. A lot of formulas tend to give you that cracked out feeling that puts you in a high like state. While there is most definitely an audience for that kind of experience, we’ve never enjoyed the unnatural feeling like you’re not in control. With Unstoppable it’s very similar in that you get the same amount of energy to perform at your best, but it is thankfully without the frantic and for us uncomfortable cracked out sensation.

Moving on to the next effect in the star studded Unstoppable, we have intensity. There are very few times we will ever use the term monster or animal to describe how something makes you feel. In the past there have been pre-workouts that do such a great job that it is the only way we can communicate the experience. Dedicated’s pre-workout product is one of those few that we will actually say turns you into something else, making you exactly what the supplement is titled. The effect doesn’t come over you like the energy, it’s something that sinks in over five or ten minutes later. You’ll notice you become a bit more eager to pick up the weights, raise the bar, and lift like there is no tomorrow. Once you start taking advantage of your sudden ability to go set after set, with each one feeling like you’ve rested for about five minutes, even though it’s been about half of one. It’s then you will understand why the product is called what it is, as for the next 45 to 60 minutes unstoppable is exactly what you will become.

The third effect in Dedicated’s breakout supplement is focus, something we’re not going to say is a major feature of the formula. The mind altering power of Unstoppable we feel is one of those things where you get your head on straight because of what else is going on. The product as already mentioned, has incredible intensity and the right level of energy to fuel an unrested workout. It is because of those two we believe you will find yourself a lot more focused on the job at hand. There may in fact be an amount of the effect somewhere in the supplement, although we don’t feel it’s enough to blame the ‘one thing at a time’ mindset on. We have used pre-workouts before that do get you in the right place and give you that tunnel vision sensation. Unstoppable however doesn’t go as far as tunnel vision, more like beast or rage mode type focus. where it’s the mood you’re in because of how strong you feel and how well you’re performing. It’s essentially the performance driving the mind not so much the mind driving the performance, like with more focus based formulas.

Just when you thought we were done, seeing as we’ve already rattled off three effects confirming Dedicated’s almost unexplainable product as an intense energizing animalistic potion. We do actually have one more area to touch on, and believe it or not it’s where the supplement truly excels. Adding to the two major and one minor effect is a five star amount pump. Thanks to the growing pump dedicated pre-workout category, we have recently been able to experience the enjoyable effect all by itself. With that said, the pump effect no matter how good a product delivers it as it’s only feature, does not compare to a pre-workout with pump as one of it’s multiple attractions.

Dedicated’s Unstoppable mixes pump in kind of like it’s the cherry on top, although more like a cherry that amplifies the taste of your whole sundae. Around the time the intensity starts to kick in, you will notice a pinch of added fullness to your muscles. With so much already going on at this point, it is hard to look past the energy and intensity, and pick up on it. If you are however in a more isolation or pump minded workout, it will be a lot more obvious. Regardless of whether not you pick up on it early on, once you get that first peek, it does not stop growing from there.

While the energy will remain at it’s calm amount and the intensity continue to keep you at an unstoppable level, the whole combination gets you to a point where you are so pumped and have so much drive you want to see if tearing your skin is possible. The fuel is there and the muscles are about to explode, it’s a ride that you just don’t want to get off. The most shocking thing for us or best example of Unstoppable’s pump was in a session where the effect was in fact too good, filling out the back and arms as expected, but the forearms so much so grip became a legitimate problem. In pump pre-workouts we always try to explain what kind of pump you get, being full, connected or both. With Unstoppable it’s just awesome, as you have the power of the energy blowing you up. The high octane intensity making you feel every fiber as you lift, and the unstoppable mindset letting you zone in on any muscle. All three amplify the pre-workout’s pump, something you won’t ever find in a pump only formula.

To sum it all up Unstoppable is the only pre-workout we’ve ever had that’s gone beyond it’s title. Not only does this supplement indeed make you feel unstoppable, but it takes that effect and puts it in your head, your muscles and your results, creating one of the best examples of an all-round pre-workout we’ve ever seen. Unstoppable’s memorable combination puts together a balance of effects that some brands can’t even deliver in two or three supplements. The product really does have it all, top levels of energy and intensity, enough to create a great sense of focus. An incredible amount of pump that beats most of the pump dedicated formulas out there, resulting in something that will push you beyond your limits. Basically, if you want to become unstoppable, throw back two servings of Dedicated’s pre-workout and enjoy the unforgettable ride.

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