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Genomyx go from blue to red for pre-workout, STIMaholic gets new base color with wrapper

Genomyx swap their blue STIMaholic theme for red

Genomyx have released an image showing off their awesomely titled stimulant based pre-workout STIMholic with a whole new look. Basically the supplement has gone from a the signature solid blue to a dark ominous red. The product’s background graphic, text, details and layout have all stayed exactly the same with just the color making the move. While change is good, Genomyx have also added something with a plastic seal around the top, themed white with the brand’s logo repeated in red up and around. The one question we have now is whether or not the updated Genomyx color will be added to all of the brand’s supplements. The words Genomyx have teamed their STIMaholic image up with do suggest the transformation is only being applied to the pre-workout, though it would be a little strange having just the one red and the rest blue. Time will of course tell, either way for those wondering if the formula in STIMaholic will be changed, just as Genomyx have written ‘new look, same badass product’.

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