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Glanbia acquire Isopure for $153 million, another major brand now under the same roof as Optimum and BSN

For those that didn’t know, Glanbia is the main company behind two of the industry’s biggest brands, the Gold Standard makers Optimum Nutrition and NO Xplode makers BSN. Both brands are no doubt viewed and treated separately, with each having their own vision and direction. Glanbia have now added another name to their growing list of brands, with an announcement coming this week that they’ve acquired Isopure. According to press releases the company snatched up Isopure for a total of 153 million dollars, a little more than they paid for BSN back in 2011 for 144 million. In all honesty it’s a smart move, while Glanbia could have gone and taken on another mainstream brand like they were apparently interested in doing. Isopure is a good choice, they have a very unique range of supplements with a well presented high end line, dedicated to protein powders and drinks. Based on what’s been said the acquisition is not going to bring any sort of major change, much like the purchase of Optimum and BSN.

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