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Grenade go the extra mile for Informed-Sport, new Thermo Detonator first of it’s kind

Grenade put together a Informed-Sport variant of Thermo Detonator

The brand behind the iconic weight loss formula Thermo Detonator, have released a new variant of their flagship supplement that is actually the first of it’s kind. The brand we’re talking about is Grenade, who have put together an Informed-Sport version of their beautifully packaged original product. According to the brand who have come an extremely long way since the release of their very first supplement, they have a massive athlete and military following so it only made sense they go the extra mile for Thermo Detonator. For those that aren’t familiar with the Informed-Sport certification, it is a program that assures consumers qualifying products are free of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) banned substances. To help Grenade fans tell the difference between the original Thermo Detonator and the new Informed-Sport edition, the brand have stamped the box, colored the supplement’s bottle with a stylish camouflage theme, and increased the value a bit. The latest from Grenade as mentioned has been launched, and is already starting to show up in stores.

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