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First in lid compartment shaker, Grenade reveal their beautifully crafted custom product

Grenade preview their new custom grenade shaker

With Grenade fans now packing protein powder into their arsenal thanks to the brand’s introduction of the internationally sold Hydra 6. It only makes sense that Grenade produce something for followers to put their protein and other powders in. As it so happens the brand have been working on a shaker that they’ve now finished, resulting in quite possibly the most stylish one we’ve ever seen. As you can see in the picture above the product has been shaped in the style of a grenade, going right from the cup to the lid, and the cap shaped as a handle. We don’t have an exact size, but at a guess the bottle looks to be around 16oz, with a compartment on the bottom that’s almost the size of the cup. At the top is where it gets interesting with an in lid space for four Thermo Detonator capsules. Grenade have yet to put this one on sale, which when it does you can expect a slightly above average price.

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