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Labrada Nutrition's new pre-workout PE1 now on sale at

The latest from Lee Labrada’s Labrada Nutrition has followed on from it’s sample availability at the Olympia, to actually going on sale. The pre-workout PE1 has been launched at one of the few places to always get things first, the one and only For those that have been anxiously awaiting the supplement’s arrival, whether you’re a loyal Labrada fan or just interested in the mainstream formula of PE1, you are going to be pleased with it’s price. The product has hit for the rather cost effective amount of $29.77, that regardless of serving amount sees the brand go under that magical $30 mark. From what we can see there has been no maximum set for PE1, which does make the supplement sound really nice at less than a dollar serving. However it also makes it sound a rather weak, with just 154mg of caffeine per serve.

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