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Seven more supplements rebranded, Lecheek show off their new theme a little more

Lecheek Nutrition release a close up look at their rebranded capsule formulas

Recently Lecheek Nutrition started a promotion putting up seven bottles of their pre-workout Speed X3 as prizes. While everyone loves the chance to win supplements, regardless of what type. The part that was a little more interesting for us was the updated look the tubs of Speed X3 featured. Lecheek had completely made over the product, rebranding it with an entirely different layout, slick green color theme and an attractive set of graphics. The brand have now dropped a second image showing off seven of their capsule formulas, all dressed in the new uniform. The only variation between the seven and the first supplement seen with the 2014 theme, is that the colors from each item’s previous label have been used in place of Speed X3’s green. Lecheek have yet to update their images online so it doesn’t seem like the change is going to be happening anytime soon. You can however see some bigger shots at making the rebrand look that much more appealing.

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