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MAN confirm proprietaries and weights, agmatine visible in blurred NOO Pump panel

8 years ago
MAN Sports reveal the proprietaries and their weights for NOO Pump

MAN Sports are looking to launch their next new supplement as slowly and painfully as possible, leaking the product’s details bit by bit. We first got a glimpse of NOO Pump as a silhouette, next as a covered up bottle, then finally in a somewhat miniature unveiling. We say miniature as only the name was revealed, alongside confirmation of the supplement packing 32 servings. The latest from MAN keeps the slow and steady pace going with still nothing official in terms of ingredients, but a picture that kind of gives us an idea of what we’re in for. Basically the brand have released NOO Pump’s facts panel blurred, with just it’s three proprietaries readable. The blends and weights are Multi-Pathway N.O. Stimulus at 3375mg, Vasodilator Activator at 53mg, and LTP Mental Domination 652.5mg. While as mentioned everything but the proprietary titles and weights are blurred, you can actually make out one feature, agmatine sulfate dosed at what looks like 750mg. There are other ingredients letters and numbers that can be seen, which you are more than welcome to take a look at and guess in the NOO Pump teaser below.

MAN Sports reveal the proprietaries and their weights for NOO Pump
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