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MAN show their appreciation for convenience, Game Day now with custom Super Scooper

MAN Sports replace their Game Day scoop with the Super Scooper

Like with all good brands MAN Sports are always on the move, looking for ways to make themselves better. Their latest move has seen them do just that with what they’re calling the Super Scooper. The brand have taken out the old flat top scoop from their top five Game Day, and replaced it with a lipped scoop featuring MAN’s pre-workout tagline ‘Every Day Is Game Day’. As you can see in the image above the Super Scooper has basically been designed to help make pouring powder and measuring servings that much easier. So far MAN have only shown the new measuring aid off for Game Day, where it comes wrapped in plastic inside each, tub as seen in the brand’s introductory video. It might be good to assume these won’t be in all Game Day tubs just yet, but you can expect to see the change sometime soon.

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