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Stack3d @ the ’14 Olympia Expo, Muscle Elements with flavored 212 and trial sizes

Muscle Elements confirm new sizes and form without a booth

While Muscle Elements aren’t at the Olympia with a booth, we have got news direct from them here at the Expo. Unlike a lot of other brands their news isn’t an athlete update or anything, it’s in regards to their range of products. Basically they are set to add a few new options to all but one of their supplements, two if you count the unreleased Truth. Both of their performance products PreCre and AmiNO Flow are getting trial sizes added, each containing a total of seven servings. Lastly we have the slightly more exciting news of Muscle Elements introducing a flavored version of their stimulant based fat burner 212. On most occasions you would only see a flavored fat burner produced for international distribution, however the brand are most definitely going to have it here in the US. We don’t have an exact date on any of the new supplement options but they do sound very close.