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The Truth is here, Muscle Elements the first to go from proprietary to transparent

Muscle Elements reveal the Truth protein powder and Truth Standard

The Truth is here, and it is about as ground breaking and exciting as we had hoped. Firstly, the Truth is in fact Muscle Elements next supplement, a protein powder doing something we have only seen from two other brands. The product is 100% true to it’s title with an official breakdown of all four of it’s protein forms, 9g whey concentrate, 6g whey isolate, 4.5g micellar casein and 4.5g milk isolate, totaling 24g of protein. Muscle Elements go even further with the Truth highlighting no hormones, artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors and best of all no amino spiking. While a new supplement is more than enough, the second part of the brand’s Truth promotion is just as interesting. The transparency of the Truth is in fact going to be carried over to Muscle Element’s other products, starting with AmiNO Flow. The brand’s other three supplements PreCre, LeanWorks and 212 are due to follow, with an initiative Muscle Elements are calling the Truth Standard. Fans can expect to see the naked AmiNO Flow on shelves very soon, making Muscle Elements the first brand ever to go from proprietary to transparent, for not just one product but four. For more on the philosophy and intentions behind the brand’s major move and the Truth protein powder, check our their five minute video from the CEO himself, Eric Tomko.

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