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Muscle Sport mystery flavor coming soon, presumed protein taste teased with ‘squash’

Muscle Sport tease the coming of an interesting new flavor

Muscle Sport have started teasing the coming of something special for one of their supplements. The brand are promoting a flavor following on from their last limited edition taste for their pre-workout Lean Revolution. The product Muscle Sport are teasing for their coming soon flavor is blacked out, however it is pretty obvious we’re looking at a 2lb protein of some sort. Based on that we’re expecting the addition to go to the brand’s protein Lean Whey Revolution. The main reason we’re going with that one over the others, is because Muscle Sport have given it a lot of attention in the past, so for us it kind of makes sense. As for the taste of whatever it is the brand have on the way, kind of like the supplement itself we don’t have any confirmed information, but do feel the word ‘squash’ is highlighted for a reason. Unfortunately we do have an undetailed wait ahead of us, and with Muscle Sport’s website now under construction we could actually be in for more than a flavor.

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