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PricePlow about to get even more essential, find the best price on supplements and soon stacks

PricePlow due to introduce supplement stack deal finder

Price comparison engine PricePlow have confirmed their next big feature, coming soon to their extremely essential website. Recently the team introduced a stronger search option, allowing actual keyword searching as opposed to their usual drop down list relating to the text submitted for search. The next function PricePlow have promised that is in fact almost here, is one we actually asked about, a best price stack finder. From what we’ve been told fans of the comparison engine are in for a feature that will further their ability to find a good deal on a single supplement. Basically PricePlow users will soon have the option to find the lowest cost on their entire supplement stack, whether it be from the same or different locations. The combination function at the moment doesn’t have an exact date for when it will go live, PricePlow however have given a rough estimate of between one to two weeks.

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