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World’s smartest shaker makers preview #2, mystery Smartshake product not a blender

Smartshake reveal a little more of their upcoming product

Smartshake have released a follow up image to their curtain covered teaser of their upcoming and still mystery product. The original preview didn’t give too much away being blanketed in cloth, although we could make out some sort of a square top. In the follow up we are still left without any idea, with the main change being that the cover is being lifted showing off the base of the item. While we still believe the first preview confirms some kind of square top, from the fraction Smartshake have reveled we can see at some point the innovation splits up into a second section. Without seeing any more or a shape to go off, we aren’t willing to settle on something just yet. But based on what can be seen it looks like maybe an updated shaker, or something quite large which could incorporate an electrical component. With two previews released and it now being September, fans can get excited as Smartshake’s teaser days are numbered with the big unveiling less than two weeks away. To help see everyone through to the Monday, as well as the picture the brand have ruled out a few guesses with a clue, stating that what they have coming is not a blender.

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