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Online update sees more graphic heavy design, Smartshake website ready for mystery product

Smartshake update their website and confirm a guessing game for the myster product

Following the preview of their upcoming product, which didn’t really give away too much outside of it’s square looking frame. Smartshake have updated their website, introducing enough changes to call it a makeover. If you’ve visited the brand’s site before it may not look too different as the same colors have been kept on board, along with a similar looking menu and total amount of information. All it really looks like they’ve done is move and resize a couple of things, making their home page slider a little more dominant and welcoming in a graphically stronger and cleaner theme. While design wise there are only minor modifications, Smartshake have actually added a news section to their website. At the moment there isn’t much on there, the brand do however promote their upcoming mystery item detailing a guessing game contest they’re running through Facebook. To check it out as well as Smartshake’s new online theme just visit the same address you always have at

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