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4+ Nutrition join in on the Halloween fun teasing two monstrous new flavors for Hydro+

4+ Nutrition join in on the action teasing two monstrous new flavors for Hydro+

While they are countries away, Italy’s 4+ Nutrition have decided to get in on the action for Halloween. The always well presented brand have released an image teasing a giant bucket of candy alongside a collection of nuts, and what kind of look like snickerdoodle cookies. The reason those three objects or groups of objects have been included in the picture, is because 4+ have two new flavors coming to their protein powder Hydro+. Last time we checked in with the brand’s hydrolyzed whey formula it had a total of three tastes, with cappuccino being introduced at the start of the year. To help break down 4+ Nutrition’s teaser that little bit more, the brand have given the line ‘2 new monstrous… good flavors’. Based on that we’re assuming the candy has only been included due to the time of year, leaving the nuts and cookies as hints for the two recipes. All is most likely to be revealed very soon, as Halloween is just a day away and 4+ are a number of hours ahead of us.

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