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True ISO Zero expected to replace 4D Nutrition’s Isolate Matrix

After a bit of a new supplement release run earlier in the year, 4 Dimension Nutrition are back to finish off 2014 with another new product. The very basic brand have just unveiled True ISO Zero, which like all but about two of 4D’s supplements, explains itself in it’s title. From what we can see the product is a 100% whey hydrolysate and isolate formula, with 25g of protein per serving, zero fat and sugar, a small amount of carbohydrates and 110 calories. The other highlight that we can see on True ISO Zero is ‘no filler or protein spiking’, the spiking part being something we are beginning to see more and more of in the protein powder market. While the only other detail we can confirm without a facts panel is the supplement’s two previewed flavors, chocolate and strawberry. We are left wondering what’s going to happen to 4D’s Isolate Matrix? At the moment it does have older branding, and actually features almost the same amount of protein per serving, as well as the same two protein forms plus milk isolate. With Hydro Matrix being another new protein from 4D this year, if True ISO doesn’t replace anything it will be the brand’s seventh protein powder, and easily cause a bit of confusion.

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