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Stack3d Certified: American Muscle Premium Whey guaranteed spike free

American Muscle's Premium Whey Stack3d Certified

The results of our first Stack3d Certified submitted protein powder have finally come through, making American Muscle’s Premium Whey for now the only protein powder we guarantee spike free. The supplement was tested for a total of 22 spiking ingredients all coming back not detected, the lab even went as far as including beta alanine.

The usual suspects are of course all in there including free form glycine, taurine and yes, creatine. Right at the end of the lab report which we have linked in below, you can see Premium Whey’s protein count results coming in right around it’s claimed 23g listing 22.5g as is and a dry basis total of 23.7g. Based on the outcome we will most definitely be promoting American Muscle’s product with the Stack3d certification whenever and wherever we can, in an effort to give the protein the attention it deserves.

As mentioned previously, the brand are the first to go through with the process allowing us to purchase Premium Whey from an online location, and have it sent directly to Genysis Labs for testing. Be sure to keep an eye out for more supplements joining Premium Whey hopefully in the near future, with all those who pass getting a spot on our dedicated site/page

Lab results can be found here.

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