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A bit of history on Animal Pak’s newest member Jason “Huge” Huh

A bit of history on Animal Pak's newest member Jason "Huge" Huh

After the loss of Evan ‘Ox’ Centopani, Animal Pak’s iconic and in our opinion most interesting athlete to watch or listen to, the brand welcomed on board Jason ‘Huge’ Huh. The thing about whoever Animal introduced after Centopani’s departure, was that they were going to be seen as his replacement. Jason Huh is that guy and while the brand are only just beginning to tell his story and who he is, Animal are proving that they do know how to pick ’em. In their latest video we get a bit of background on the IFBB Pro learning about where he was born, his mother and father’s sporting history, as well as his current family situation. Whether or not it is Animal’s intention, their gradual introduction really gives us the sense that we’re not just looking at another athlete. Jason Huh is really being welcomed on as an entirely new family member. With most brands you probably wouldn’t get much of a story or on some occasions even hear the athlete speak. Animal on the other hand really seem to take pride in the personality and character of theirs, and let them share their drive and passion with the brand’s loyal fans. Feel free to check out the five minute clip yourself, and prepare to learn a little bit more about Animal Pak’s newest member.

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