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Codex set to make it five for the very young Arch3type with #6 in the works

Today we’re going to introduce to you a fresh new brand, one by the name of Arch3type Sport Supplements. At the moment they are just a four product company, but like many short range brands out there they do cover most of the major categories. The four formulas making up the line are the pre-workout Reckoning, the 5g 2:1:1 BCAA and glutamine supplement BCAA 24/7, the obvious post-workout Hit Hybrid Recovery, and the awesomely named fat burner Greek Fire. Of all the brands we’ve introduced, Arch3type is probably one of the youngest in terms of how far along they are. They do have a website, however it is a little light on information and design, but still enough to give you a look and short description of all four products. Despite being quite new, Arch3type are set to take their range to a total of five formulas sometime soon with their next release the multi-vitamin Codex. The brand have confirmed that the upcoming supplement is going to be a pack type product, with five pills per pack listing an immune support complex, rich in omega 3s and an amino acid blend. While we don’t have an exact date or idea on when Arch3type will be releasing Codex, the brand are already working on their sixth supplement, suggesting the multi-vitamin is not far away.

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