Continue reading Stack3d blur the lines between intra and pre-workout with Amp’D Recovery release their second Platinum supplement for 2014 Amp'D Recovery

It’s certainly been quite a while since we’ve seen introduce something new for their Platinum supplement Series. The last thing in fact we remember hearing about from the store was Amino Recovery back in March. Now more than six months later and about two years since the actual launch of the line, have yet another high end formula to add to their Platinum Series. With already so many categories covered, it only makes sense that the company circle back around and produce something to fill in the gaps. The product have put together is called Amp’D Recovery, a BCAA powered intra-workout crossing over a bit into pre-workout territory. Like the rest of the range, the latest Platinum supplement is transparently dosed going with 3g of 2:1:1 BCAAs, 1g citrulline malate, 750mg taurine, 500mg tyrosine, 100mg caffeine, and 50mg each of green tea and glucuronolactone. It is recommended that Amp’D be used during a workout or throughout the day on non-training days, as well as from what we can see, before you workout if you’re after an easy pre-training hit. Even though each serving of the product is somewhat lightly dosed, although could be quite the experience at two. With 30 servings a tub you may be surprised to hear the price on’s latest at $17.86. Listing a total of three flavors, Amp’D’s unique combination may actually be worth running for a month if you’re interested in something different, more so as it’s relatively cost effective.

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