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Magnum’s new Mimic and Volume shown off with rebranded supplements

Magnum show off Mimic and Volume as well as some made over supplements

While family photographs aren’t always that exciting, yet a great way of seeing just how well a company’s supplements all look together. From time to time they also have things thrown in there that may be accidental or intentional. The latest group shot comes from our Canadian friends Magnum Nutraceuticals, displaying their latest and greatest as well as two rebranded products. The new items in the picture are Volume and Mimic, both of which were on display at the Olympia. As for the made over supplements we can see Big C and DNA in their new boxless bottles, themed in the general bright Magnum colors with white backgrounds. Another one in there is Thrust, featuring a marginally different white and blue box. The photo does pretty good at including every one of the brand’s products except for A-Bomb, the regular Heat and G. It would probably be good to assume the missing supplements don’t mean too much. Either way next time you head in store for Big C, Thrust or DNA you now know to be on the look out for slightly different bottles.

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