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Fraction of Muscle Elements Truth Standard PreCre label revealed

8 years ago
Muscle Elements reveal a part of their Truth Standard PreCre facts panel

Immediately following Muscle Elements big announcement early last month, revealing their new protein powder the Truth and their Truth Standard label transparency, the brand released a detailed version of their AmiNO Flow facts panel. Not only did the move gain Muscle Elements a lot of respect, but it also made them the first brand to officially go from proprietary to transparent for a current formula. This week we have another one of Muscle Elements supplements that has received the Truth Standard treatment, one of our top ten pre-workouts PreCre. Instead of like what we got with AmiNO Flow, and being that this is the brand’s premier product, we are going to be unveiling PreCre’s label a little differently. Today we have just the top third of the supplement’s facts panel to look at which includes the GlycoPump and creatine blends, with tomorrow bringing PreCre’s third proprietary, and Thursday the detailing of the product’s stimulant complex. Today’s reveal basically uncovers the breakdown of doses for each of PreCre’s creatines as well as it’s carbohydrate sources. You can check out stage one of the label below, with as mentioned stage two coming tomorrow, and three on Thursday.

Muscle Elements reveal a part of their Truth Standard PreCre facts panel
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