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Latest from Monsta Clothing priced to match it’s simplicity

Latest from Monsta Clothing priced to match it's simplicity

There was a period of time a while back now when Monsta Clothing had a new tee or product almost every week, with some seeing as many as three. Today the brand have released their first new top in quite some time with the white Monsta Bull shirt. The tee is most definitely one of Monsta’s more simple creations, featuring just a single graphic on the front with a bulls head in red and the brand’s text logo in black curved around the collar. The brand haven’t thrown on any additional images or phrases, with the only other thing on the top being Monsta’s tag on the bottom right. With the one color shirt being quite plain the brand’s price seems to be a reflection of it’s simplicity costing a lot less than most Monsta tees at just $10.99. As always the product has been added to the brand’s official store, where it can now be purchased in the usual six sizes, small to 3XL.

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