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Cherry limeade finally makes it ten for Muscle Pharm’s Assault

Muscle Pharm's cherry limeade Assault now available

It was way back in May that we first got wind of another flavor for Muscle Pharm’s pre-workout Assault, expected to take the supplement’s menu to a total of 10. At the time and still in some places today the product is available in nine flavors with unique tastes such as strawberry margarita, candy apple and pineapple mango. The tenth flavor is cherry limeade one Muscle Pharm already have in use with Amino1, and now finally have in use with Assault. After almost five months the brand have officially got their double digit making Assault on shelves. At the moment it has only shown up in the one regular 30 serving size, which for the time being leaves out the seven serving pouch, 20 serving sampler and cost effective 50 serve. A lot of the major Muscle Pharm stockists have yet to pick up cherry limeade Assault. But if you are wanting to get it as soon as possible check out Netrition, or A1 Supplements who actually currently have Assault on sale with an instant $5 discount.

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