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Pumpkin spice GrowPro confirmed as Muscle Sport’s mystery supplement

Pumpkin spice GrowPro confirmed as Muscle Sport's mystery supplement

Last month Muscle Sport started teasing the coming of a mystery flavored supplement, one that appeared to be a protein powder with ‘Squash’ as the hint. The brand have now unveiled that limited edition option with a seasonal taste in pumpkin spice for their fresh new protein powder GrowPro Revolution. The product sets itself apart from Muscle Sport’s other proteins by stepping away from whey isolate and going with a blend of whey concentrate and isolate, milk isolate, whey peptides and micellar casein. Making up the supplement’s nutrition facts we have 30g of protein, 5g of carbohydrates (1g sugar, 3g fiber), 2g of fat and 160 calories. For those interested there is also an amino blend following the protein forms in GrowPro’s other ingredients section listing in order glycine, glutamine and BCAAs. While pumpkin spice is the star of the product’s 5lb 50 serving menu, GrowPro does have two other more classic tastes with chocolate and vanilla. For now Muscle Sport are just listing the new supplement as coming soon, but are expected to have it available for the day that inspired pumpkin spice.

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