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Save money on Muscle Pharm’s CLA and Shred Matrix with the Fat Loss Stack

Save money on Muscle Pharm CLA and Shred Matrix with the Fat Loss Stack

Muscle Pharm’s Fat Loss Stack was a two supplement combination that we first got wind of quite some time a go. The set was confirmed to contain two of the athlete company’s weight loss formulas, the basic Core Series CLA Core, and one of our favorites the complex Hybrid Series Shred Matrix. While the latter was said to be squeezed in at it’s full 120 capsule size, CLA Core was not, with an in between option of 120 softgels. Now almost five months after we laid eyes on the bright green Fat Loss Stack it has started showing up in stores. Not every Muscle Pharm stockist appears to be listing the fat burning combination, but enough to say that it’s widely available. The big question of course is, how much will you be paying or hopefully saving by purchasing the set? The answer is, regardless of where you go it does look like you’ll be saving money. The regular price appears to get you the extra 30 CLA softgels free, compared to buying Shred Matrix and a 90 count CLA. Alternatively some places do have the Fat Loss Stack on sale such as Netrition, where it’s cost has been dropped to almost the same as just Shred Matrix by itself at $29.99.

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