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New double size Performix SSTs not as good a value as they appear

Performix introduce double size variants of their SST formulas

Following our introduction of Performix and their brand new supplement Super T, some more news has come in about their two original SST variants. Both SST Powder and Terra Cap SST each formula slightly different than the other, have had double size options produced. The regular size SST Powder packs a total of 90 scoops which works out to be 30 servings, similar to the capsule version’s regular volume packing 60 capsules also working out to be 30 servings. The new Performix variants go exactly double those two with a 180 scoop or 60 serving iceberry flavored SST, and a 120 pill or 60 serving Terra Cap SST. Both super size options have already gone on sale at GNC, although much to our surprise you aren’t necessarily going to be saving money by going bigger. At the moment Performix’s 30 serving SSTs sit at $99.99, or $59.99 and $49.99 for the capsule and powder with a Gold Card. The double size bottles are also identical in regular price at $179.99, as well as identical with their Gold Card discounts at $109.99. It doesn’t take much math to figure out that if you go two tubs of iceberry powder you’re going to save yourself $10 against either of the bigger SSTs. While we do applaud Performix for making things a little more convenient with the new volumes, it doesn’t seem like they’ve made things too much nicer on the wallet when compared to other super size bottles we’ve come across.

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