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Two more supplements expected from Performix before the year is out

We originally featured Performix here when they unveiled and detailed their first non-fat burning formula, the male performance supplement Super T. It wasn’t too long after that the brand then unveiled yet another product with the stimulant free weight loss solution Stimfree. The new supplements basically doubled Performix’s range of products, adding a bit more color in the process. Believe it or not the line that was just a two man army back in September, is set to get a couple more additions over the next two months. The brand have confirmed that before the year is out, they are going to get in at least two more supplements. As you’d expect Performix haven’t given us any information outside of the fact that they have two more on the way, leaving a lot to the imagination. The fact that the brand started out with two fat burners, identical in name but slightly different in formula, then went into testosterone and back to weight loss again. Really does make them a difficult one to read. If they are to follow trends we’d be looking for a pre-workout or pump pre-workout, however that just doesn’t feel very Performix. While focus, multi-vitamin, and maybe more revisits to categories they’re already in are what we’re expecting. At the moment your guess is as good as ours for either of the two Performix formulas, both of which are due out in the next two months.

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