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Yohimbine free Pro Supps Vanish drops more than it’s title suggests

Yohimbine free Pro Supps Vanish drops more than it's title suggests

Pro Supps fat burner Vanish was launched quite some time ago, and has since had a Transformation Challenge run with it thanks to the Vitamin Shoppe, and an exclusive size produced with GNC’s 20% extra bottle. The latest from the brand in terms of the well ranged weight loss formula is actually a slightly less stimulant variant of the supplement, headed for the US. While we are used to only seeing versions like this put together for international customers, a yohimbine free Vanish has shown up. Despite the title suggesting it is just the one ingredient that has been removed, Pro Supps have in fact put in a little more effort. Along with yohimbine the brand have also removed aegeline, vinpocetine and rauwolfia (alpha yohimbine), replacing the four with Advantra Z synephrine, lycii berry and 5-HTP. By the looks of things Muscle & Strength are about to start stocking the product, as they do already have it listed with no price difference compared to the regular Vanish.

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