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Introducing Rx Pharma Labs and their four prohormone supplements

Today we would like to introduce to you another very new brand, one that has actually only just stepped on the scene. The name of the new company is Rx Pharma Labs, that like a few others we’ve introduced lately specializes in just pro-hormones. At the moment the brand have only got four supplements in their line, all consistently titled in Epi-Rx15, Epi-Tren Rx30, Tri-Plexx Rx Xtreme and Quad-Plexx Rx Xtreme. While Rx Pharma don’t quite have a website up and running yet, they have already launched in a well known retailer with stock now available at Size Up Supplements. The store most notable for having some of the lowest prices online, have got all four products on sale with Epi 15 valued at $44.99, Epi 30 at $49.99, Tri at $59.99, and the most expensive supplement Quad at $69.99. Being a fresh new brand they will no doubt need some time to build up a reputation, but if you’re interested in giving them a go or even on the fence about trying any of the products out. We do have a coupon for Size Up with ‘RX10‘ getting you 10% off all Rx Pharma formulas.

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