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Six Star launch their new Fit Series created for women by women

Six Star launch their new Fit Series with Lean Protein and Figure

Yesterday we covered Six Star Pro Nutrition’s new supplement Pre-Workout Explosion, which fell short a bit at the end with it’s half gram blend of taurine, citrulline, citrulline malate and arginine HCl. Today we have yet another two from the brand, launching with Six Star’s new series Six Star Fit. According to the brand the line has been ‘created for women by women’, with two products introducing the series, Lean Protein and Figure. The first one Lean Protein, basically describes itself in it’s name featuring 16g of protein with soy and whey isolate, and hydrolyzed whey as it’s sources. Making up the rest of the supplement is 2g of carbohydrates (1g fiber, 1g sugar), zero fat and 70 calories. As disappointing as the classic low dose of protein is for women’s formulas, Six Star have managed to keep the calories pretty low, as if you were to work out the total based on 25g of protein you’d be looking at around 110. Moving on to Figure, the line’s weight loss product, we have a unsurprisingly simple supplement combining just three major fat burning ingredients, green coffee bean, garcinia cambogia and yacon extract. For now those are the only two in the new Six Star Fit series, which does leave plenty of room open for more products to be introduced later down the road.