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USP Modern Creatine set to feature creatine anhydrous and 2.5g of betaine

USP Labs Modern Creatine to combine creatine anhydrous and 2.5g of betaine anhydrous

Yesterday USP Labs unveiled their first basic formula in quite sometime, with the creatine supplement Modern Creatine. At the moment in most locations the highly respectable brand have a total of three individual products with DAA3K using d-aspartic acid, TT-750 packing tribulus, and the agmatine sulfate supplement Agmatine 500. There is one other single ingredient product that is exclusive to USP’s Australasian distributor in Modern Glutamine, the supplement Modern Creatine got it’s name convention from. As for the actual contents of the latest from the brand, it looks like the unflavored product is going to be a little more than a individual ingredient formula. USP are promoting two main attractions with the trademarked BioCre creatine anhydrous and 2.5g of betaine anhydrous. If we’re going by basic math and the tub’s total weight that should put the dose of creatine anhydrous per serve at 3.7g. Outside of that and a few pictures the brand haven’t released too much information, yesterday however PricePlow did put together a nice research article worth checking out covering the combination of betaine and creatine. As per usual USP are directing fans to sign up to the Inner Circle for future updates, and of course their always impressive introductory offer for when Modern Creatine launches.

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