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All natural vegan protein Gardenia from Body Nutrition launched with free samples

All natural began protein Gardenia from Body launched with free sample packs

Body Nutrition’s supplement they previewed back in September is now officially available direct from the brand. The all natural vegan protein powder Gardenia was first pictured in a sample pack and promised for the Olympia. Body have now added the product to their own store bringing to light all it’s remaining details. While we did already know the main numbers of the supplement with 20g of protein made up of pea, quinoa and hemp protein, 7g of carbohydrates (4g fiber, 1g sugar), 3g fat (0.5g saturated) and 120 calories. We’ve now got a look at exactly what’s in Gardenia’s bonus blends the 4g prebiotic complex, 250mg digestive mix and the 5g phytosterol proprietary. Each of those blend’s contents can be seen on Body’s website where as mentioned you can purchase Gardenia for $49.99 in either of it’s two now confirmed flavors, vanilla bean and chocolate cacao. The only tub size the brand have at the moment is the 2.09lb 25 serving with sample packs available for $1.99. For those interested in just the single serving sachets, we did stumble across a Gardenia bundle page where the samples are listed for free. We don’t know if the offer is going to be around for long, but for now it does appear to be saving you the cost of one of each flavor $3.98.

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