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It’s not $13.95 but A1 aren’t far off with Body Nutrition’s new Mad Dog

If you missed out on Body Nutrition’s incredible introductory offer on their pre-workout Mad Dog, you’re probably not going to see the supplement at $13.95 for quite some time, maybe never. While the product itself isn’t exactly much, made up of a couple of stimulants and some pump ingredients. For the price it launched with, you knew you were getting what you paid for. Almost three weeks later the latest from Body is now available in stockists, with some places listing it just short of double that crazy introductory price. Big stores such as and Best Price Nutrition have Mad Dog valued at $24.95 and $22.99, with A1 Supplements being the cheapest by far at $19.95 per tub. For those that feel none of those prices are good enough, can go a little bit lower if you are okay to grab two tubs of Body’s Mad Dog. To help give the supplement a warm welcome it is available for a limited time with a buy one get one half price deal, dropping the pre-workout down to just cheaper than A1 at $18.70.

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