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Generation Iron sweatpants $6 more expensive than any of Monsta’s other sweatpants

Generation Iron sweatpants $6 more expensive than any of Monsta Clothing's other sweatpants

Though the Generation Iron docudrama has been and gone, joining the small list of major bodybuilding films, the company behind the movie are still pushing on. If you’ve been following Generation Iron and seen what they’ve transitioned into, you’ll know they’re now more than just responsible for a great film. Generation Iron has become a brand for bodybuilding news, information and interviews, adopting the name Generation Iron: Fitness Network. As the company moves forward in their new direction, the clothing brand they originally partnered up with is still producing collaborations. This week Monsta Clothing have added to their GI line of apparel, introducing a new set of pants. The product is basically a variant of their Monsta Beast and Signature sweatpants, using the exact same style just printed with Generation Iron’s name and Monsta’s authentication. Despite the item’s similarities to the brand’s other sweatpants, being officially licensed the new product is slightly more expensive at $35.99. Six dollars more than any of Monsta’s other sweatpants.

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