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PUMPaholic confirmed as Genomyx’s 2nd alternatively colored pre-workout supplement

PUMPaholic confirmed as Genomyx's 2nd alternatively colored pre-workout supplement

Genomyx are looking to launch a follow up to their awesomely named stimulant powered pre-workout STIMaholic. The name of the presumably stackable supplement from the brand is the very appropriate, PUMPaholic. Based on the contents of STIMaholic, you can expect the upcoming product to pack a set of ingredients with the sole purpose of backing up that memorable name. If it wasn’t made obvious by it’s title, PUMPaholic is a pump dedicated pre-workout promising the usual effects, extreme pumps, no stimulants and intense vascularity. Like most teasers from Genomyx, the brand haven’t revealed any of PUMPaholic’s ingredients, or something slightly less common, given a tub weight allowing for speculation based on it’s serving size. The only real detail we have to confirm outside of the supplement’s common pump effects is the one flavor, blue colada. From here we are going to have to sit back and wait for what is going to be Genomyx’s second red branded formula.

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