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Majority of ingredients in Lecheek’s Hottie confirmed

Majority of ingredients in Lecheek's Hottie confirmed

Following on from this week’s detailing of Lecheek Nutrition’s pre-workout Speed X3 Test, one of the brand’s two testosterone infused formulas. Lecheek have now detailed another upcoming supplement, the ladies pre-workout Hottie. The pink branded product as expected includes all the usual energizing ingredients, along with a handful of fat burning features. Lecheek have packed their female formulated pre-workout with just the one blend consisting of beta-alanine, caffeine, tyrosine, leucine, taurine, green coffee bean, raspberry ketones, valine (uncertain), garcinia cambogia and vinpocetine. There is also 250mg of vitamin C and 1,000mcg B12, as well as one other blend ingredient that due to our copy of Hottie’s label not being very clear, like valine we aren’t quite sure on. While some parts of Lecheek’s latest can’t be confirmed, we do know the supplement is due to arrive in two flavors. Making up Hottie’s menu is pink lemonade and forbidden fruit, both coming in the one 30 serving tub size. The product has yet to show up anywhere from what we can see, but is available for purchase direct from Lecheek’s official website for $69.99.

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