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Review of MAN’s incredibly unique pump & focus formula NOO Pump

When we first heard about MAN’s NOO Pump we were definitely interested. The brand aren’t known to slack on anything so we expected something big. When MAN then gave us a look at what was in the supplement, like most people we were pretty much sold. No one had ever really combined the ingredients that were in NOO Pump, so even if it didn’t turn out well it was going to be an entirely new experience. Over the past week and a bit, we’ve been using the product in a number of scenarios, as well as stacked with the brand’s always enjoyable pre-workout Game Day. Of all the supplements we’ve reviewed NOO Pump is probably the one that needs the most detailed description. As it does deliver, although there are a few catches we are going to go over in today’s review.

The one thing you have to keep in mind, even after you’ve read through our review is that MAN’s NOO Pump is just a focus and pump pre-workout. It doesn’t have any stimulants, ruling out the possibility of enhanced energy, intensity or an overly increased performance like you’d get with more mainstream formulas. That very combination of focus and pump, is something we’ve never actually experienced ourselves without the support of those other three. So as mentioned, regardless of how effective NOO Pump turned out to be, we knew before we even went for our first session that this was going to be something different.

It is difficult to describe a focus or pump dominated pre-workout, as usually you get that kick where the energy starts rushing over you. With NOO Pump the first thing you’ll notice is it’s focus and that is purely because pump products always require a bit of movement to get the blood flowing. Without the common touch of energy, a focus enhancement can sometimes be quite plain. In the case of NOO Pump it is as we will continue to mention something very different, where your mind becomes extremely clear. It’s not the ‘get ready’ type you may be more familiar with when energy or intensity is involved, it’s a much calmer effect. You’ll basically forget everything else that’s going on and have the sudden ability center your focus on the task at hand. For those who have a lot on their mind this will be a lot more evident, but noticeable no matter what you’re thinking. From the moment it kicks in the focus doesn’t really change much, remaining consistent right from beginning to end. NOO Pump keeps your head clear, sometimes bringing a bit of a mood change, resulting in an enjoyable and well driven mentally clean environment. While we will move on to the pump next, unlike the supplement’s secondary effect the focus doesn’t actually disappear once you leave the gym. NOO Pump has no trouble maintaining a strong mindset during exercise and for a good hour or so after you’ve finished. We never tried the product as just a focus formula for regular day to day activities. However we wouldn’t be surprised if it was relatively effective in that area, based on it’s post-workout performance.

Much like NOO Pump’s focus, it’s pump effect is very different to what you’d get in a pre-workout featuring any kind of energy and intensity. Whether or not it’s because of the focus infusion, the supplement’s pump is also very different to what you’d get in a dedicated pump pre-workout. You won’t find that over the top fullness a number of formulas out there deliver. With NOO Pump coincidentally it’s a more focused, intense and connected pump. That muscle soreness you usually get the day after a workout, is what we can best relate the effect to. It’s that muscle tightness from when you squeeze and feel every fiber that NOO Pump offers during a session. The contractions don’t exactly make you feel like you’re going to tear your skin, if anything it feels like you’re going to tear a muscle. The pump in the product as stated is a focused one, where the fullness factor doesn’t dominate the experience or limit your range of movement. NOO Pump allows you to push that pain barrier and drag your body through what can feel like a muscle bruising performance. While we did say the supplement doesn’t have an over the top fullness effect, it’s unique ability to let you feel the muscle much more intensely does make up for it. There is a bit of dilation, not as much as others, but there is something to be said about the sensation of that muscle fiber connection.

When the two NOO Pump effects collide, it really does make for an epic workout. Just take our description of both it’s focus and pump, and imagine the two working together. Your head is clear and calmly focused on each and every rep and exercise. Allowing for all your attention to be centered around the pain of squeezing out as many repetitions as you can handle. There’s no energy rushing the reps or intensity making you want to pick up the weight well before you should. The focus enhanced pump essentially intensifies the pain you feel, making you hungry for more and ensuring that it’s not your energy levels that force you to finish a set. It comes down to how much hurt you can handle. As we mentioned in the beginning there is a bit of a catch and that is the obvious thing. If a calm pump isolated workout is not what you’re looking for, then NOO Pump isn’t for you. The experience is most definitely something else, although we can tell you right now it’s not for everyone. If you’re after that raging animalistic workout, you’re in the wrong place. If you’re after something that will increase your performance, helping you lift more for longer, you’re also in the wrong place. Without that classic energy and intensity, and just a strong dose of focus and pump, MAN have basically created a supplement perfect for extreme pump lovers. NOO Pump offers a unique painfully fun dose of pump that whether you want it to or not, will have your mind locked on and enjoying every second.

The last area we have to touch on is the product’s ability to work in with other pre-workouts. The trick with NOO Pump is of course not having any ingredients clash. It was because of that we decided to stack it as MAN directed with Game Day, to see if it had any affect on the top rated pre-workout. Surprisingly we didn’t really notice too much. We actually have to say you’re likely to enjoy NOO Pump a whole lot more by itself, than stacked with any caffeinated pre-workout. There were a few others we trialed the supplement with, but still came up with the same result. It’s not that absolutely nothing happened, as the formula’s unique pump does hold it’s ground. We believe however that the calm focus of NOO Pump is just easily overshadowed by the power of an energizing product. The clean and clear mind that the supplement gives you is of course impossible to feel when you have a pre-workout rush coming over you. We probably should have seen it coming after our first few solo runs of NOO Pump, as it makes no sense to expect both a calm focused head and an unstoppable mindset. The clash of effects does only leave the pump, which to be honest isn’t that disappointing seeing as it’s generally what you get when combining most pump formulas with mainstream pre-workouts.

On the basis that we didn’t know what we were getting into, just that it would be different. MAN Sports have delivered with NOO Pump. The product is no doubt different, and one we can see a lot of people getting addicted to. It is also something we can see some people not liking. The key to it we have to say is the calmness and smooth flow. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, or our description of the supplement’s pump sounds like you, then at least pick up a sample. Like we said in the beginning make sure you read over the review, as even the pump as good as it is, won’t go down well if you’re after those record setting measurements you get from other dedicated pump competitors. No matter which way you look at it MAN have proven once again that their products do exactly as promoted. NOO Pump follows through on it’s promise of incredible focus and pump, with a combination that is one of a kind and let’s not forget, is stimulant free.

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