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Micro Batch individual Pure ALCAR available exclusively through MAN’s Australian stockist

Micro Batch individual Pure ALCAR available exclusively through MAN's Australian stockist

MAN Sports are still as promised expected to unveil their new yellow branded supplement in the next few days, one that we mentioned last week fans have already guessed correctly. With that said, the brand have actually revealed another new product, one that is definitely not the tall flavored tub MAN have on the way. The product is the brand’s fifth individual formula, featuring it’s one ingredient in it’s title Pure ALCAR. The 100% acetyl-l-carnitine supplement has been pictured in a 250g unflavored tub, which with no confirmation of it’s serving size could be anywhere from 500 1g scoops to 50 5g. While MAN fans may be ready to just pull out their wallets, the brand are unfortunately playing the international game on this one. Pure ALCAR is in fact an exclusive going to MAN’s stockist down under Muscle Worx, the store that was announced back in July to be bringing the brand to Australia. Regardless of the current demand in the area, Muscle Worx should have no trouble gaining a few more MAN customers when Pure ALCAR arrives, as they will be the only ones in the world with it.

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