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Mighty Melon confirmed for MAN’s upcoming ISO-Amino

Wicked watermelon confirmed for MAN's upcoming ISO-Amino

MAN Sports have just confirmed the first of what looks to be four flavors for their upcoming pure isolated BCAA supplement ISO-Amino. The bright yellow product was unveiled Wednesday last week, where the brand asked fans to guess the supplement’s flavors to win them. As mentioned at the time, a number of people had already guessed at least one of ISO-Amino’s tastes correctly. That flavor has now been revealed as mighty melon, MAN’s nickname for their watermelon recipe. We don’t quite know how many tastes the brand have put together for their new product, so while we are saying four, there could very well be a couple more. Either way we are just going to stick with that number, and assume MAN have three to come. Coincidentally we do actually know of three others, and can tell you one of them a handful of people have also already guessed. The other two are very unique so it’s no surprise no one has even come close to either of them. All is expected to be unveiled by the end of this week as MAN are launching their exclusive 1%er insider deal sometime in the next few days.

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