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Single serving sachet sets now available for Muscle Element’s flavored 212°

Single serving sachet sets now available for Muscle Element's flavored 212°

If you are a big try before you buy fan, you may have appreciated Muscle Elements effort to put purchasable samples on their website for two of their major supplements. The pre-workout PreCre and fat burner 212°, had trial packs originally uploaded back in May, giving fans a chance to spend just $5.99 to see if a full size tub would be worthwhile. At the moment it is still the brand’s two flagship formulas that have samples available, however Muscle Elements have now added a pack for their flavored 212°. The weight loss spin off that is quite different to the capsule original, has been introduced with the same price as the others at $5.99 for three sachets. Unlike the PreCre and pill 212° sets though the brand have only packed each flavored 212° packet with one serving, not one and a half like PreCre, or two like the capsule 212°. The place to go to buy the orange crush trial is Muscle Element’s own website, where you are basically looking at $2 a serving.

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