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Help Muscle Elements decide on a third flavor for AmiNO Flow

Our #1 amino supplement Muscle Elements AmiNO Flow, at the moment is only available in two flavors. They’re the same two tastes as PreCre has with fruit punch and watermelon. As the brand continue to grow at a rapid rate, with their latest stockist being none other than the online giant Muscle Elements are finally looking to add to AmiNO Flow with flavor number three. Like a lot of popular brands, Muscle Elements are driven by their fans, so with that in mind they’ve turned to social media to find out what the people want to see. The soon to be 100% transparent brand have put together four options for their followers to choose from. The fruity selection is made up of the classics cherry limeade and blue raspberry, lemonade, and the new 212 flavor orange crush. At the moment it seems the common cherry limeade is most favorable, although feel free to have your say. There doesn’t appear to be any time limit on sharing your opinion just drop by Muscle Element’s Facebook page and comment.

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