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MHP reveal and release their two new leucine loaded BCAA 10Xs

MHP reveal and release their leucine loaded BCAA 10Xs

Yesterday we reintroduced MHP with their upcoming beef protein isolate supplement, IsoPrime 100% Beef. In the post we also said the brand have a few other things coming, with details on those few things here today. Following on from their latest protein powder, MHP have just launched two new amino formulas, BCAA 10X and BCAA 10X Energy. The two products are about as simple and different as you’d imagine, both packing a leucine loaded 10:1:1 BCAA ratio dosed at 5g in each of their 30 servings. The Energy BCAA 10X obviously sets itself a part with a few energizing ingredients, all falling under a 265mg proprietary made up of natural caffeine from green coffee bean, green tea and yerba mate. While the two supplements are separated by three features contents wise, both have the exact same menus with three classics to choose from, fruit punch, lemonade and watermelon. Unlike IsoPrime Beef, MHP have already released their BCAA 10Xs putting them on sale direct through their own website at just $25.99, seeing no difference in price between the regular version and energy edition.

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