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MHP introduces its hydration product packing almost 2g of electrolytes and 3g of creatine

Mhp Impact Hydration

The hydration category has landed itself another entry with the legacy brand Maximum Human Performance, better known as MHP, throwing its hat in the ring this week. Impact Hydration is the title of its competitor, and being an experienced sports nutrition company, it has added an advanced twist to the supplement rather than simply sticking to hydration. The brand has packed a robust blend of electrolytes, as well as one of the most tried and true ingredients in the industry.

Every serving of MHP’s Impact Hydration has a combined total of almost 2g of electrolytes, breaking down to 50mg of magnesium, 60mg of phosphorus, 40mg of calcium, half a gram of sodium, 370mg of potassium, and the biggest dosed electrolyte is chloride at 760mg. The combination is there to support and enhance hydration and endurance, and to further drive power and performance is creatine monohydrate at a respectable 3g in each of the 30 servings.

Mhp Impact Hydration Label

As complex as the concept of hydration and muscle building is, MHP has kept things to-the-point in Impact Hydration, including solid dosages on both sides, squeezing in plenty of electrolytes, again, at almost 2g, and a reasonable amount of creatine monohydrate. The hydration and power-supporting supplement is in stock and available directly at at a currently discounted $29.99 in just the one flavor option to start with a classic Lemon Lime.